Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest

This article deals with the history of Albania as participants in the Euro Vision Song Contest.

Regularity of participation and success in competition

Albania has been the first time in 2004 and every year since the competition. In the first part of Albania was on the good seventh place - a result that should not be reached long: Anjeza Shahini reüssierte time in the semi-finals and the Final was also among the front runners. In subsequent years, the country has been less successful and had in 2006 after a bad placement in the previous year to the semifinals, where it remained hanging on it as well as a year. 2008 managed to Albania in the second semi-final with only three points ahead of Macedonia just in ninth place in the final, where it however as 2005 finished only 16th place. In 2009, Kejsi Tola after successful qualification in the final 17th place again was a 16th place it in the following year for Juliana Pasha. Aurela Gaçe qualifying for the finals in 2011 failed, however. In 2012, Rona Nishliu managed again to the finals and won there in fifth place, the best ever result. In 2013 there were but with identitet in the semifinals only 31 points and 15th place of 17 participants who so far worst.

Languages ​​of contributions and admissions

Since the Festivali i Këngës all titles must be presented in Albanian, were all contributions in the original version in the local language. 2004, 2005, 2009 and 2010 British versions were received for the competition as well as in 2007 and 2011, when the contribution Hear My Plea in Helsinki and the contribution Feel The Passion in Dusseldorf were sung in English and Albanian. 2006, 2008, 2012, 2013 and (at the time also ) 2014, the contributions were fully presented in Albanian. In addition, all posts after the preliminary round were re-arranged, among other things, because it exceeded the maximum duration of three minutes.

List of posts

Color legend: - Victories. - A tie to the last place. - Contributions finals.

National preliminary decisions

The Albanian representatives have been always under the Festivali i Këngës, one since 1962 discharged by the national television station Radio Televizioni Shqiptar Music Competition, selected; winner would also win the ticket to the Euro Vision Song Contest. 2004 and 2006 had Anjeza Shahini and Luiz Ejlli as a winner of the Albanian Pop Idol format this year one direct nomination for the festival. The preliminary decision has been always held over three days in December of the previous year for each song contest. Before the grand finale, two semi-final rounds were held, the total number of participants fluctuated over the years between 28 (2003), 32 (2004), 34 (2005), 31 (2006), 29 (2007 ), and 20 (2008). Was voted mostly by jury.

2007 was the result of Albania's preliminary decision, strongly disputed: Second-placed duo Flaka Krelani and Doruntina Disha had five of the seven jury members receive the highest or second highest rating, while there exist no points received by the remaining two members, so lame with Zemrën e peng the won third contribution in five years, which was written by Adrian Hila and Pandi Laço. The victory of the contribution has been hotly discussed in the Albanian press. Previously, the singer Blero had his contribution withdrawn at short notice on the grounds that the vote was rigged and the winner 'm getting laid.

The 52 Festivali i Këngës, which determined the participants for the Euro Vision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, was the first since Albania's debut in 2004, in which all semi-finalists competed in the finals. There was thus a total of only 16 candidates at the festival and the semi-final was irrelevant to the outcome.


  • Albania was already planning to enter the competition in 2003, but the European Broadcasting Union left after a rule change just a new participating country - Ukraine - to. As a representative of Albania was the winner of the Festivali i Këngës, Mira konci titled Brenda vetes më merr provided.
  • Albania has been on average the most points from Macedonia received - 11.3 of 12 possible. Most points awarded has Albania to Greece - an average of 10.8.
  • Ledina Celo was in 2004, a year before they won the qualifying round, presenter of Festivali i Këngës.
  • 2005 Ledina Celo, 2007 Aida and Frederik Ndoci and 2008 Olta Boka were able songs, composed by Adrian Hila and Pandi were texted by Laço, prevail in the Albanian preliminary decision. With two winning compositions (2004 and 2009) are Edmond Zhulali and Agim Doçi not far behind.
  • In the years 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2009, the Albanian entry was always the earliest selected and presented before the Euro Vision Song Contest, in each case in December last year. 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011 Albania was the second country whose contribution was presented to the public, in 2008, the Andorran contribution indeed chosen before, but had been introduced only in excerpts. 2010, the Dutch contribution was only released in a demo version.
  • Albania has 2012 transferred the semi-finals with Rona Nishliu not live on TV since 22 May was declared after a serious bus accident on the day of national mourning. For scoring, only the votes of the jury counted.