Mellau is one marked by the tourism community in Austria in Tyrol in the district of Bregenz with 1301 inhabitants (December 31, 2013).

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Mellau located, in the Bregenz Forest, in the district of Bregenz, 688 meters above sea level at the Bregenzerach. The Meller Auer basin is bounded on the north by Dornbirn First and the Gopfberg, to the south the Damülser mountains, the highest peak on Municipality area is almost 2,100 meters high noon tip. But the most famous mountain of Mellau is the Kanisfluh in the southeast, which. At its highest elevation, the Holenke, 2044 m above sea A. is. At this point, the municipalities of Mellau, Schnepfau and Au meet. With an area of ​​40.55 km ² Mellau one of the largest communities of the Bregenzerwald. 41.4 % of this area is forested, 35.9 % are Alps.

There are no other local villages in Mellau.

Neighboring communities

The community Mellau divides their municipal boundary with five other municipalities in Vorarlberg. Of the four municipalities Reuthe, Schnepfau, Au and Damuels are also in the district of Bregenz. In addition Mellau borders with the relatively longest part of its municipal boundary to the capital city of Dornbirn, the city of Dornbirn. ( Information clockwise starting in the north )


The Habsburgs ruled the areas in Vorarlberg changing of Tyrol and Further Austria from ( Freiburg im Breisgau). From 1805 to 1814, the town belonged to Bavaria, then back to Austria. For the Austrian state of Vorarlberg Mellau heard since the foundation in 1861. The place was from 1945 to 1955 part of the French zone of occupation in Austria. 1870 a major fire took place in Mellau. Next to the church, rectory and school another 18 homes were destroyed by fire. In the avalanche disaster in 1954 Mellau five people lost their lives. Recently, the hundred-year flood caused immense damage in 2005. In this case, even a house was swept away by the Bregenzerach in the municipality of Mellau.



In 2011 Mellau had 1,314 inhabitants, with a foreign population of 9,4 %. Here, the inhabitants distributed in 495 households, giving an average household size of 2.65 persons. 17.4 % of the population of Mellau was then under 15 years, 15.7% over 65


The municipal council consists of 15 members. Since 2005, Elizabeth Vetch is mayor. The municipality revenue from taxes and other charges in 2001 were at 1,466,014 euros, the municipal expenditure at 1,879,413 Euros. The debt was 2001 1.362.353 €.


In Mellau since 1945 were seven different mayor and a mayor in office:

Coat of arms

Blazon: Split; front in red, a green fir tree, back in silver on green mountain three black crosses.

The coat of arms of the municipality dates back to a design by artist Hubert Mellau Dietrich and was awarded in 1962. The uprooted pine symbolizes the membership of the Bregenz Forest, the three black crosses remind us of the plague in 1635.

Culture and sights

Economy and infrastructure

In Mellau 85 establishments are located, that provide a workplace 583 people. The major employers for many years, the international textile company Mellau carpet. 13 of the 30 largest municipal taxpayers, but from tourism, the main industry Mellaus. About 40 farmers, 13 of them full-time, contribute an important contribution to the cultural landscape of the community.


Tourism is by far the most important economic sector Mellaus. In 2009, merged Mellau ski - DAMLS, which connects the two existing ski resorts of Mellau and Damuels by a cable car and a ski tunnel, since its opening in the winter months, attracting more and more tourists to Mellau. In addition, in recent years, numerous accommodations their rooms renovated or newly built. So also the Sun Lifestyle Resort, built in the year before the completion of the resort compound from scratch. This results in overnight stays steady: While in 2008 / 09 was 125 572 overnight stays, Mellau was a year later - the first year the resort compound - 145 668 overnight stays recorded. In the tourism year 2012/13 there were already 158 039.


Locally there is (as of 2011 /12) 45 students. In Mellau, there is also a kindergarten. Formerly a polytechnic was also housed in the elementary school building.


Sons and daughters

  • Norbert Bischofberger (born 1954 ), the developer of Tamiflu influenza therapeutic
  • Helmut Dietrich ( b. 1957 ), architect
  • Hubert Dietrich (1930 - 2006), painter and painting restorer
  • Reinhard Haller ( born 1951 ), better known psychologist
  • Alexander Marent (born 1969 ), former cross-country skier and Olympic athlete
  • Hermann Rützler (1883 - 1960), photographer and race car driver
  • Klara Schwendinger (1918 - 2007), dialect poet

Famous residents

  • Christian Greber (born 1972 ), former ski racer and Olympic athlete
  • Bartholomew Snake ( * 1984), trumpeters (up to ge Schoppornou contain The name Mellau is in the title of the song Vo Mello ) from Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub
  • Andreas Broger ( born 1984 ), a clarinetist and saxophonist from Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub ( The name Mellau is in the title of the song Vo Mello to ge Schoppornou included)


Since 1945, two Mellauern was awarded the honorary citizenship. On the one hand, this was the former mayor Anton Hänsler (1896 - 1972), who was appointed for his selfless work for the community in 1956 an honorary citizen. Secondly, Pastor Hermann alga. He was almost 45 years a priest in Mellau and therefore the longest in the parish Mellau acting pastor. In his time the parish church and parsonage were newly built. The honorary citizenship was granted to him in 2000. On August 1, 2009, he died at the age of 79 years.