Olympic Order

The Olympic Order is an existing award since 1975 the International Olympic Committee (IOC ) for people who have rendered outstanding services to the Olympic Games. Similar to the Olympic medals are the classes: bronze, silver and gold. Before 1975, the award was called Olympic Diploma, the first carrier Theodore Roosevelt ( 1904) was. The Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci has been the only one who has been awarded the Medal twice (1984 and 2004). In addition, it was in 1984 with almost 23 years the youngest athlete, who was bestowed this honor so far.

Prize winners (selection)

Other winners of the Olympic Order are:

Fanny blanker - Koen, William E. Simon, Sepp Blatter, Max Danz, Vladimir Putin, Sonja of Norway, Harald V of Norway, Jean Drapeau, Vyacheslav Alexandrovich Fetisov, Keba Mbaye, Viktor Vasilevich Tikhonov, Mikio Oda, Günter Heinze, Georg Wieczisk, Erhard Höhne, Siegfried Brietzke