Uderns is a municipality in Zillertal with 1668 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) and belongs to the district of Schwaz in Tirol ( Austria ). The municipality is located in the judicial district of Zell am Ziller.

Uderns is between joining and Ried in the heart of the Ziller Valley, on the alluvial fan of the Finsingbachs. In addition to the street village Uderns also includes the hamlet Finsing and small ground at the border to add and set on the hillside farm estate Kupfnerberg.

In addition to agriculture and tourism industry and commerce are relatively well represented in the community. Of importance is a care facility for disabled children and young people.

Neighboring communities

Add, joining Mountain, Hart im Zillertal, Ried im Zillertal, Stumm.


The importance of pre-Roman place name is unclear. Secured however, is the colonization of the area around Uderns already in the Bronze Age. Between 500 and 600 emigrated from the Inn Valley ago Bavarians and mingled with the local population Romansh.

927 Finsing was first mentioned as " Funzina " and 933 Uderns as " Udarnes " documentary. In contrast to most other communities in the valley Uderns belonged always to the Tyrol. 1483 seems Uderns the first time as an independent municipality.

From the 16th to the 19th century played the iron ore mining in Finsingtal and the blast furnaces and the iron hammer mill in small soil (municipality joining) for the economic life of Uderns a major role. The Finsingbach delivered energy for a number of commercial enterprises, the charcoal for the furnaces came mainly from the " Kohlstatt " in the municipality of Hart im Zillertal on the opposite side of the valley. The timber is moved from the area and the entire Zillertal. From the Finsinggrund wood was getriftet until after the First World War. The closure of the iron hammer mill in Kleinboden 1870 was a major economic setback for Uderns.

In the village there was also a famous far and wide oil distillery.

Coat of arms

Blazon: In red one diagonally left, overthrown, red benageltes, silver horseshoe.

The horseshoe symbolizes the blacksmith's trade, which used along the Finsingbaches represented the main industry. The red background shows that Uderns is one of the few municipalities in the Ziller Valley, which belonged to constantly Tyrol.

Culture and sights


Uderns is on the road and at the Zillertal Zillertal Railway. Since 2006 Uderns has a new driveway in the middle of the village.

Since 2003, the Zillertal railway station in Uderns is re-occupied permanently. Here are people who are accompanied by the live help, used as laborers. This project was a competition over integration submitted for SozialMarie 2009.


  • Heinz Kinigadner (* 1960), motocross riders
  • Friedrich Hell, artists
  • Leonhard Posch, sculptor