ZTE (Chinese中兴 通讯, zhōngxīngtōngxùn Pinyin, English Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment Company Limited) is a established in 1985 of telecommunications equipment based in Shenzhen High- Tech Industrial Park ( SHIP), which is located in Nanshan District of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The Company's shares are traded on the stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Since 1996, ZTE Corporation is successfully expanding into foreign markets; of the world's approximately 70,000 employees are about 10,000 active in over 100 foreign branches. ZTE 's customers include over 500 operators in more than 140 countries.

The Chinese business magazine Global Entrepreneur recorded in June 2007, the Indian subsidiary of ZTE as the best Chinese companies in the emerging markets of.

The focus of the product portfolio is the development and production of equipment in the telecommunications and network area (UMTS, GSM, xDSL, IPTV and LTE). Some Vodafone - based phones such as the Vodafone 125 or 225 are manufactured by ZTE. These models partly have no camera and do not support MMS yet and GPRS are also available in Germany.

ZTE concluded by Timor Telecom 2009 a contract. They want to extend the cell phone system in East Timor continues and there establish Wideband CDMA. In Brazil, ZTE brought out its own mobile phone brand for the airline market. Latin America accounted for 2009, seven percent of ZTE's global revenues.

ZTE had supplied the hardware for the 2010 HSPA planned expansion of the mobile network of E-Plus. Even the networks of KPN Belgium daughters shall be equipped with components from ZTE. The HSPA expansion is performed with ZTE technology, is the essential hardware supplied by ZTE (BBU, OLP, RRU ). To connect these locations to the existing network, but is set to Cell Side Devices Ericsson, although the Node B can do this yourself since you can even manage connections. In addition, the Cell Side Device acts as an integration into existing network and as a "brake ".

In Austria, the mobile operator Three has been cooperating for a long time in the development of infrastructure (since 2010 HSDPA) with ZTE. The cell towers are all brought up to date with ZTE.

In Germany, ZTE is trying to gain a foothold through cooperation with congstar. Since 18 October 2012, the discount retail brand of Deutsche Telekom marketed the smartphone ZTE Kis Plus exclusive.

On August 12, 2013, ZTE announced its first smartphone ZTE Open with Firefox OS on Ebay offer in the U.S. and in the UK. Without a contract, binding of a provider, the smartphone will cost around 80.00 dollars. So far, the ZTE Open was launched in July only on the provider Telefonica in Spain, Venezuela and Colombia.

In Germany, ZTE will take over the technical operation of the E-Plus mobile network from October 1, 2013.


In Germany and in other parts of the world are numerous devices, such as USB - USB modems, wireless routers and mobile phones, expelled from the production of ZTE, among others, T -Mobile, Vodafone and O2. At the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC ) in February 2012, ZTE also unveiled numerous tablets of his own design, with which the company wants to break into the European market.

  • F350 Verizon Wireless
  • K3565 -Z SFR ( Vodafone Prepaid Surf Stick with TF Slot " WebSessions " )
  • K3570 -Z Dialog Axiata
  • K3765 -Z Vodafone
  • K3772 -Z Vodafone
  • K3805 -ZV Vodafone
  • K4506 -Z (support for HSPA )


  • Router MF10 O2
  • MF28D (support for HSPA ) (support for LTE)
  • MF30 Movistar, Verizon Wireless
  • MF60 (support for HSPA ) DNA, NetCom, O2, Orange, Swisscom, T -Mobile, Telenor Web Box
  • MF80 (support for HSPA ) DNA
  • MF82 (support for HSPA )
  • MF91 (supporting CDMA) (support for HSPA ) (support for LTE), Verizon Wireless
  • MF180A " 3"
  • MF656A " 3", Orange

Main competitors

  • Alcatel- Lucent S. A., France
  • Beacon ( Fenghuo ), China
  • Cisco (Cisco Systems, Inc. ), United States
  • Ericsson ( Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson ), Sweden
  • Huawei, China
  • Motorola, USA
  • Solutions and Nokia Networks, Finland
  • Nortel ( Nortel Networks Corporation ), Canada
  • Novatel Wireless, USA
  • Sierra Wireless, Canada