Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a U.S. company in the telecommunications industry. It is known primarily for its routers and switches, which are used by a significant portion of the Internet backbone.

  • 2.1 Major corporate developments


Cisco was supported by a group of scientists (primarily Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner ) from Stanford University in San Francisco founded in December 1984. The aim was to simplify the networking of computers and use them more effectively. In 1986, Cisco 's first multi-protocol router on the market - a mixture of hardware and intelligent software, which soon established itself on the market as a standard for networking platforms.

With the Internet boom in the mid -1990s, the share price from the IPO rose on 29 March 1990 adjusted for splits of $ 0.08 until March 30, 2000 at 96 637 % to $ 77.31. Thus, Cisco Systems was briefly the most expensive company in the world with a market capitalization of about $ 555 billion.

In fiscal 2008, Cisco generated record sales of $ 39.5 billion, with a profit of $ 8.1 billion. Since June 8, 2009 Cisco is listed on the DJIA and thus added to the main index of the World. Cisco has taken the place of this General Motors.

Traditionally, only in IT departments of companies known to the company trying to establish itself in the consumer market. An important step was to in June 2003, the Company purchased Linksys for $ 500 million - a leading manufacturer of home network technology. They went on separately managed brand Linksys should be abandoned in the future in favor of Cisco, since the latter have well established in the consumer market. 2013 sold Cisco but the home network division Linksys to Belkin International, to focus on hardware and software for businesses. In May 2013, the company assumes for 107 million U.S. dollars, the Munich- tech startup JouleX. Their cloud -based energy management solutions are intended to help capture the energy consumption of all powered devices in a network and reduce.

Name and Logo

The name Cisco is derived from the last two syllables of the founding village of San Francisco. The company logo is in the form of green vertical bar a comb spectrum of a periodic signal, reminiscent of the shape of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Since its founding Cisco Systems has now bought and integrated over 100 other companies.


Cisco offers solutions for almost all areas of network operations: routers, switches (LAN, SAN ), wireless, unified communications, VoIP, contact center, video, telepresence, network management, security (firewall, authentication, virtual private network).

The Cisco routers, most switches and wireless access points operate with the operating system Internetwork Operating System ( IOS). The units are flexibly configurable by the IOS / adaptable, explained by most likely also the great success of Cisco products. Sooner came on the switches, the Catalyst series, the CatOS operating system used.

Currently it is still on the Catalyst 4500 -, 6500 -, or 6500 - E Series of meaning and can here on the Supervisor Engines ( SUP ) are both exclusive as well as in hybrid mode operated together with an IOS. In the latter case, a Multi Switch Feature Card ( MSFC ) is required on the SUP on which the IOS is running. The CatOS provides fewer features than the IOS, but this also works more stable because it has fewer points of attack or possible sources of error. For the switching in the core area, it is sufficient or optimal, but it will most likely be completely replaced by the IOS.

With the PIX series or Cisco ASA is currently active in the market also in encryption and security. In the low- price segment, the Linksys products are sold. With the emerging arrangements for monitoring data traffic on the Internet (2000/2001) began Cisco to develop the right solutions for small and large Internet service providers to meet these requirements.

In 2007, Cisco WebEx Communications, the company acquired. WebEx has since continued as a subsidiary within the Group, under the brand WebEx are numerous software solutions for enterprise collaboration offered. WebEx meetings is one of the most well-known services for web-based video conferencing.

The company should have integrated for U.S. intelligence backdoors into their products. This is disputed by the company.

Major corporate developments

  • Internetwork Operating System ( IOS), the operating system of Cisco routers and switches
  • NSLU2 NAS device to connect USB devices
  • WRT54G router from Linksys, open source firmware code

Protocols and standards:

  • Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol ( EIGRP ), proprietary routing protocol
  • High - Level Data Link Control ( Cisco HDLC), proprietary variant of the link layer protocol
  • Hot Standby Router Protocol ( HSRP ), method for increasing the availability of key gateways in local networks
  • Inter-Switch Link Protocol (ISL ), proprietary VLAN protocol
  • Interior Gateway Routing Protocol ( IGRP ), proprietary distance-vector routing protocol
  • Skinny Client Control Protocol ( SCCP), proprietary protocol for phone calls and conferences

Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco offers a comprehensive program of training and certification of network engineers and system administrators.

Cisco in Germany

  • Senior Vice President and President, Cisco Europe: Chris Dedicoat
  • Vice President Cisco Germany: Oliver Tuszik
  • Employees in Germany: 850
  • Locations in Germany: Hallbergmoos near Munich, Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Eschborn near Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Mannheim

(As of September 2011)


In 2003, Cisco, Huawei, allegedly copied Cisco products sued. The defendant company relented and modified their own products.

On 11 December 2008, the Free Software Foundation lawsuit against Cisco for alleged breaches of the GNU General Public License and the GNU Lesser General Public License filed.