1946 Davis Cup

The 1946 Davis Cup was the 35th edition of the competition organized by the ITF for men's national teams in tennis. The competition was first held after six -year break during World War II under the name of Davis Cup. The name was changed in honor of the 1945 deceased initiator of the competition, Dwight Filley Davis.

The competition was held in two continental zones of Europe and the Americas zone. The winners of the two zones played a playoff for the final.

In continental playoff, the U.S. prevailed against Sweden, and defeated in the subsequent 26 held until December 30, the final defending champion Australia 5-0 clear. It was the 14th title in the USA so far.

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  • 2.2 America zone
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Including the Defender 21 countries took part in the competition. The following teams played to a Final ticket against the defending champion.

Europe Zone

Turkey reported for the first time for the Davis Cup, did not occur to her first round match at however.

  • Egypt 1922 Egypt
  • Belgium
  • Denmark Denmark
  • France France
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Ireland Ireland
  • Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
  • Monaco Monaco
  • Netherlands The Netherlands
  • China Republic 1928 Republic of China
  • Sweden Sweden
  • Switzerland Switzerland
  • Spain 1945 Spain
  • Turkey Turkey
  • Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia


America zone

  • Canada 1921 Canada
  • Mexico 1934 Mexico


  • Philippines 1944 Philippines


  • United States 48 United States


The tournament

In the following illustrations the host of a given lot in italics, and the winner is in bold. Without labeled host games took place on neutral ground.

Europe Zone

America zone


In the playoff between the two winners of the continental zones, the U.S. triumphed over Sweden.

United States 48 5 Sweden 0

Venue: Forest Hills, New York City (USA) Date 13 bis September 15, 1946 Playing surface: Grass


Team John Bromwich Dinny Pails Adrian Quist

Captain Gerald Patterson

Date 26 bis December 30, 1946 Location: Melbourne (Australia) Surface: grass

Result: 0:5

Captain Walter Pate