2008 Tour de France, Stage 12 to Stage 21#Stage 14

The 14th stage of the 2008 Tour de France on July 19 was 194.5 km long and ran from Nimes to Digne- les- Bains. There were two sprints and two climbs of the fourth category on the program.

There was at the beginning again numerous attacks, from which was formed a 21- man breakaway group. The field was so large a group but do not get away, the projection was a maximum of just over a minute. Stijn Devolder was able to secure the first sprint and initiated a new leading group, which he himself was not a member. This four -man lead group, which consisted of Bram Tankink, José Iván Gutiérrez, Sandy Casar and William Bonnet was able to settle. The remaining 17 riders fell back, it was formed a seven-member group of pursuers. Before the merger with the field still tried other drivers, settle, but did not succeed. So all pursuers were recaptured. The pace was very high in the first hour with 52.5 km / h. Now, the group of four was able to settle in front and reached a maximum lead of 6:38 minutes, but was then shortened by the chase by Liquigas again. Gutiérrez was able to secure the first mountain stage and the second intermediate sprint. By a further attack, he blew up the leading group. Bonnet fell back as the first and has been obtained from the field, then also Casar and Tankink. On the last mountain attacked first Thomas Voeckler, Damiano Cunego followed by, while at the same time also Gutiérrez has been obtained. After that attacked several other drivers. This was a group of drivers, including four-time stage winner Mark Cavendish, behind the main draw back and was thus no chance to win the stage. Roman Kreuziger eventually won the mountains classification before Bernhard Kohl and Andy Schleck. Sylvain Chavanel attacked, but was 2 km from the finish also obtained. The goal in Digne- les- Bains was achieved on a 780 meter long and 6.5 meter wide stretch. There finally decided Óscar Freire before Leonardo Duque and Erik Zabel sprints for himself and was able to extend his lead in the points classification. At the votes, there was again no significant changes.



  • Second intermediate sprint in Oraison ( 145 km ) ( 371 m above sea level. NN )
  • Sprint finish in Digne- les- Bains ( 194.5 km ) ( 599 m above sea level. NN )


  • Côte de Mane, Category 4 ( 128.5 km ) ( 490 m above sea level, . 1.1 km à 4,6 %)
  • Col de L' Orme, Category 4 ( 185 km ) ( 734 m above sea level, . 2.4 km à 4,9 %)

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