Bobigny is a commune with 47,224 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Seine- Saint- Denis, whose capital it is. It is located east of the capital Paris. Its inhabitants call themselves Balbyniens.


Bobigny was Gallic earlier. The city's name comes from Balbinacum, a Roman general who founded the city in the former forest of Bondy. End of the 19th century began the industrialization that made the municipality a stronghold of the labor movement: Since 1919 is - with the exception of the years of occupation in the Second World War - the PCF here the mayor. Also Bobigny was a stronghold of the early immigrants from the French colonies and overseas territories in the Caribbean, the Maghreb and black Africa. 1935 here a hospital for care of people living in the Capital Region Muslims was founded, which still exists today and is named Hôpital Avicenne.


In the station Bobigny - Pablo Picasso since 1985 ends the line 5 of the Paris Métro. Also on municipality is the penultimate station Bobigny - Pantin - Raymond Queneau. 1992 the town from the tram line T1 was achieved, runs from measures adopted on the first after the Second World War in the Paris area in operating streetcar line. In Bobigny - Pablo Picasso it has connection to the metro line 5

Monuments and Landmarks

  • Archaeological excavations at a l' aise Vache. A wooden statue was found.
  • The station area SNCF - Gare de Bobigny ( Grande Ceinture ) - (TT, place the deportation of Jews, 21 Zugtransporte the prisoners from Drancy began here ) is a listed building

Twin Cities


  • The singer Jacques Brel (1929-1978) died here.
  • The boxer Jean -Marc Mormeck (born 1972 ) grew up here.
  • The tennis player Gael Monfils ( born 1986 ) grew up here.
  • The singer Wallen ( musician ) ( Nawell Azzouz ) (born 1978 ), the rapper Ménélik ( b. 1969 ) and the reggae singer Tonton David ( b. 1967 ) grew up here.
  • The sprinter Muriel Hurtis ( b. 1979 ) was born here.
  • The football player Charles Itandje (* 1982 ) was born here.
  • The author Faïza Guène (* 1985) was born here.
  • The footballer Habib Bellaïd (* 1986) was born here.