Noisy- le -Sec is a commune with 40 232 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Seine- Saint -Denis ( 93) in the Ile- de -France region. It belongs to Arrondissement Bobigny and is the capital ( chef-lieu ) of the canton of the same name.



The city with its 38,000 inhabitants ( 2006) is strongly associated with Paris. It lies in the east of the city around 10 km from the Notre Dame.


Noisy- le -Sec is an important transport hub for public transport in the eastern outskirts of Paris. Here unite two branches of RER line, namely the line E2 of Chelles - Gournay and the line of E4 Tournan and then run to the city center to the train station Haussmann - Saint- Lazare. In addition, the tram line T 1 of Noisy- le -Sec via Bobigny to Saint - Denis.


The city's name is derived from the Latin nucetum (Eng. " walnut forest "). The nickname Le -Sec means " dry" in French and is due to the poor soil qualities of the terrain and the lack of water in the immediate vicinity.


  • The Church of St-Etienne.


  • Jean Delannoy (1908-2008), French film director and screenwriter
  • Sébastien Corchia (* 1990), French - Italian footballer