Le Raincy

Le Raincy is a commune with 13 928 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Seine- Saint- Denis, Ile- de -France region; it is the administrative center for the district of Le Raincy and Canton of Le Raincy.

Neighboring communities

  • In the Northwest: Livry -Gargan
  • In the Northeast: Clichy- sous -Bois
  • In the southeast: Gagny
  • In the South: Villemomble
  • In the West: Les Pavilions -sous -Bois

Traffic routes

  • Autoroute A3 ( Gagny / Villemomble / Le Raincy )
  • RER: Le Raincy - Villemomble - Montfermeil
  • No bike lanes


Le Raincy located in the center of the Pays d' Aulnoye. The place was formerly known as Les Rincis what quarry means; this quarry was in the Forêt de Bondy and was located since 1130 in the possession of the abbey Tyron ( Diocese of Chartres ).

1639 the area of Jacquer Bordier was purchased 1640 by Louis Le Vau was built here a castle. He joined Raincy with Bondy, which also belonged to him.

Castle Le Raincy

Castle Le Raincy



  • The church of Notre -Dame du Raincy by Auguste Perret is a reinforced concrete and glass structure built in 1923 with one of the largest surface area glass window cycles of the 20th century to designs by Maurice Denis and Alain -Marie Couturier. The building was declared a monument historique in 1966.



  • Alexandre Chatrian (1870-1890), writer and Mayor
  • Maurice Cottenet (1895-1972), French national football team
  • Éric Raoult (* 1955), politician ( UMP) and Mayor of Le Raincy
  • Sefyu ( b. 1982 ), French speaking singer from Aulnay -sous -Bois
  • Jacques Tréfouël (1897-1977), Chemist
  • Philippe Vernet ( * 1961), racing cyclist