Vaujours is located north-east of Paris commune in the Seine- Saint- Denis with 6643 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011). The inhabitants are called Valjovien (ne) s. Vaujours is located approximately 18 kilometers east of Paris.


Vaujours covers an area of ​​378 ha in 61 m height. The community is built on a hillside above the plaine de France. It borders Tremblay -en -France in north, Villeparisis the north-east, south-east Courtry, Coubron in the south, Livry -Gargan in the south- west, Sevran in the West, Villepinte in the north -west.


The town was first mentioned in early documents from the 9th century. In the archives of the 12th century it is called " Vallis Jost " and " Vaujoi " (Val de jost or Val de la joie ). Etymologically, the word originates from the Latin " et vallis jocosa ", ie "Valley of Joy".

Around 1100, the area belonged Étienne de Senlis, who later became the Abbey of Saint -Victor de Paris gave it ( until 1792 owned by the city of Paris ).

Near the hill Mautauban Henri IV had a hunting lodge. He has left his name in the place and in the division of the Vert -Galant. 1844 High School horticulture Fénelon was founded, which gave the castle from the 18th century back a certain reputation. This castle was surrounded by a landscape park, where there was a tithe barn dating from the 16th century.

End of the 18th century, the church Saint -Nicolas was built. It houses still religious art, particularly a painting from the 18th century, the baptism of Christ depicting a tabernacle dating from the 17th century and the grave plates of the Maistre family who ruled the village from 1760 to 1840.

Vaujours was a strategic point at the First Battle of the Marne in September 1914.


  • Belgium Court-Saint -Etienne in Wallonia ( Belgium)
  • England Tamworth ( England)


  • Jeanne d' Alcy (1865-1956), the first French film actress