Bouzanville is a commune with 64 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Meurthe -et -Moselle in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Nancy, for Canton Haroué and founded in 2004, community association Mirabee.

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The community Bouzanville in Xaintois located in the south of the department of Meurthe -et -Moselle, on the border of the Vosges, 35 kilometers south of Nancy. The hilly ground relief to Bouzanville belongs to the catchment area of ​​Madon. The biggest part of its territory is used for agriculture; in the south, the municipality has an approximately 50 -acre portion of a forest area.

Neighboring communities of Bouzanville are Diarville in the northeast, Ambacourt the southeast, Frenelle -la -Grande in the southwest, Boulaincourt in the west and Forcelles -sous- Gugney in the northwest.


Coat of arms

The bars in the coat of arms recall the county Vaudémont, belonged to the Bouzanville. The top symbolizes St. Martin, the patron saint of the church. The two letters are the initials of the community.


Since the 1980s, the number of inhabitants in the municipality Bouzanville is constant.

Economy and infrastructure

The inhabitants of Bouzanville living from agriculture (especially livestock ) and of small craft.


  • Church of St. Martin in the 19th century
  • Chapel of Notre -Dame-de - Pitié

Transport links

Bouzanville is off the national traffic flows. East of the village the road from Mirecourt runs over Tantonville to Nancy. Through the village the railway line from Nancy via Mirecourt and Vittel to Merrey, which is operated by the TER Lorraine; the next breakpoint is located in the three kilometers away Diarville.