Captieux ( Gascon Capsius ) is a commune with 1380 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the Gironde department in Aquitaine in the region; it belongs to the district Langon and Canton Captieux.


The place was formerly known as Cap or Cap Seve Sevestre, Latin caput silvarum. He was a station of the pilgrim route from Limoges to Santiago de Compostela, Via Lemovicensis in the Middle Ages.

Between Captieux in the north and in the south Roquefort was the Abbey Veien. Here took place between 3 July and 5 August 1530, the second marriage of the French King Francis I ( 1494-1547 ) instead, with the Spanish Princess Eleonore, Archduchess of Austria ( 1498-1558 ), daughter of Philip the Fair, Archduke of Austria and King of Castile.

1950 directed the U.S. armed forces in Captieux a 100 km ² an ammunition dump. 1967 attracted the Americans on request from the French government. The military installations were of the French army - albeit to a lesser extent - over.


  • The medieval castle; it belonged in the 14th century the Captal de Buch, later Henri de Lorraine comte d' Harcourt ( 1701-1666 )