Castets -en- Dorthe is a commune with 1198 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the Gironde department in Aquitaine in the region; it belongs to the administrative district of the same name, Langon, Canton Langon.


The municipality is situated approximately 45 kilometers south-east of Bordeaux, borders the following municipalities:

  • Saint -Martin -de- Sescas and Caudrot in the north,
  • Barie in the Northeast,
  • Castillon -de- Castets in the southeast,
  • Bieujac the south and southwest,
  • Saint- Loubert in the west and
  • Saint- Pardon -de- Conques and Saint- Pierre- d'Aurillac in the northwest.

The northern boundary of the municipality is formed by the Garonne River, on the western border is the river Beuve.


North of the village flows the Ship Canal Lateral Canal à la Garonne ( German: Canal de Garonne ) in the Garonne River. The Canal de Garonne begins in Toulouse, where he has connection to the Canal du Midi and ends at Castets -en- Dorthe. Further downstream, the Garonne is directly accessible with ships and allowed the ships associated with their Gironde estuary to reach the Atlantic Ocean. The waterway thus connecting the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and is therefore also known as the Canal des Deux Mers. Today the field of cargo shipping has become meaningless here, sports and houseboats use this connection all the more and make a tourist source of income for the communities located along the canal.




  • Church of Saint Romain, from the 12th century in the place Mazerac ( Monument historique )
  • Château du Hamel, castle of the 14th century ( Monument historique )