Aillas is a municipality with 777 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the Haute- Lande- girondine, a highland in the Gironde department in southwestern France. In the local dialect of Gascony, the " Gascon ," the community " Alhars " is called. Residents are called " Aillassais " means. The city of Bordeaux is situated 64 kilometers north west, the canton capital Auros seven kilometers north-west of Aillas.


The Latin name was " Aliaceus " or " alliaceus ". Later the settlement as " Alius " and mentioned as " Ailas " in the 13th century. Under the Visigoths was Waillas how Aillas was then called, a central location with a traditional market.

1851 Aillas was involved to form the new municipality Sigalens.



  • The Romanesque church of "Notre -Dame " dates from the 12th century and was claimed by the medieval Knights Templar.
  • From the local castle ruins remains.
  • The Château des Péricots is in the Vallée de la Bassanne and is dated to the 17th century.


The D9 crosses Aillas from north to south. In the southwest Aillas is affected by the Autoroute A62. The nearest railway station on the route Bordeaux - Sète SNCF is 14 kilometers from Aillas in La Réole.