Chris Slade

Chris Slade, real name Christopher Rees ( born October 30, 1946 in Pontypridd, Wales, UK ) is a British rock drummer. He became famous for his work in bands like Manfred Mann's Earth Band, AC / DC and Asia.


1963 began his career with his friend Welsh Tom Jones. He played drums in his band "The Squires ". In addition, he played from 1965 with the Count Basie band and Ted Heath. In 1969 he got out at The Squires and played with Toomorrow where Olivia Newton-John acted as a singer. In 1971 he took on albums with Tony Hazzard and Tom Paxton and the end of 1970 was a founding member of Manfred Mann's Earth Band ( MMEB ), but their first, eponymous album was released only in 1972. He stayed eight years with the band, and took with her eight albums.

Slade left 1978 MMEB, as Manfred Mann dissolved the band. Together with bassist Colin Pattenden, who had already left the MMEB earlier, he founded with musicians Chris West Dave Fishel and Peter Cox, the short-lived band Terra Nova, which published in 1980, brought her only self-titled album.

In 1979 he took on each album with Frankie Miller and Kai Olsson, before he joined Uriah Heep in 1979, where he once collaborated on the album Conquest. After that he played in the bands of Gary Numan, Mick Ralph and David Gilmour. He completed the end of 1984 with Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers and Tony Franklin of The Firm together, so they not had the expected success. In 1989 he went on tour with Gary Moore, where he saw Malcolm Young, rhythm guitarist of AC / DC, playing. Actually, Slade wanted to start with the former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay a band, but he took the beginning of 1990 the request of AC / DC on to become their drummer. Slade left in 1995 AC / DC again, as the former drummer Phil Rudd got in there again and you but no decision about his own future gave him the part of the band. Instead, he played from 1999 to 2005, the progressive rock band Asia with.

After that, an engagement with the British band Damage Control joined. Other band members of this band were Jonathon "Spike " Gray (vocals, The Quireboys ), Pete Way ( Bass, UFO) and Robin George (guitar, vocals). In addition, he is touring with the Michael Schenker Group.

Newer own projects are The Monsters Of Classic Rock and Chris Slade Steel Circle.

Time for AC / DC

Slade's debut album with AC / DC was The Razors Edge; on the same world tour he was with AC / DC for the first time to see them live (2 November 1990 - Worcester, USA / Centrum). He participated also on their live DVD Live at Donington. Slade left a lasting impression on the band. Angus Young later said Slade's musical abilities: ". Slade was the best musician in AC / DC" ( Slade was the best musician in AC / DC. ). Nevertheless, Phil Rudd replaced him in 1995.


Manfred Mann's Earth Band

With Terra Nova

With Uriah Heep

With The Firm

With AC / DC

With Asia

  • 2000: Aura
  • 2004: Silent Nation