Colorado Senate

The Senate of Colorado (Colorado State Senate ) is the upper house of the Colorado General Assembly, the legislature of the U.S. state of Colorado.

The chamber of parliament is composed of 35 Senators representing an electoral district in each case. Each of these units includes a fixed average rate of 123,000 inhabitants ( 2000). The senators are elected for four -year terms; there is a limitation of the terms of office to two consecutive terms of office.

The meeting room of the Senate is located together with the House of Representatives in the Colorado State Capitol in Denver capital.

Tasks of the Senate

The Senate from Colorado in the fall How Oberhäusern other states and territories, as well as in the U.S. Senate compared to the House of Representatives special tasks that go beyond the law. So it is up to the Senate, nominations of the governor in his cabinet to accept or reject other offices of the executive branch and commissions and authorities.

Structure of the chamber

The President of the Senate is not as usual, the lieutenant governor, but an elected member of the Senate. Current President of the Senate is Democrat Brandon Shaffer, 17th electoral district ( Longmont ).

For Majority Leader ( Majority leader) of the Democrats was John Morse, 11th electoral district (Colorado Springs ), elected; Leader of the opposition (minority leader) is the Republican Mike Kopp, 22 constituency ( Littleton ).

Composition of the Board