Virginia House of Delegates

The House of Representatives from Virginia ( Virginia House of Delegates ) is the lower house of the Virginia General Assembly, the legislature of the U.S. state of Virginia. There are only three states (Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia), who call their lower houses House of Delegates.

The Houses of Parliament is composed of 100 members representing an electoral district respectively. Deputies are elected for two -year terms. Unlike most states, these elections take place during odd years. Speaker of the House is the Speaker. He is initially elected by the majority faction of the chamber before the confirmation by the whole Parliament follows. The Speaker is also responsible for the course of legislation and monitors the shutdowns in the various committees. The House of Delegates is now the successor of the House of Burgesses, which met for the first time in Jamestown in 1619. Besides the Speaker, there is the Majority Leader ( Majority Leader ), the Majority Caucus Chair, the leader of the opposition (minority leader), the Minority Caucus Chair, and the Chairs that come from the several committees of the chamber. Through the House of Burgesses, the Virginia House of Delegates is regarded as the oldest continuous Legislativkammer in the New World.

Parliament met in 1788 at the Virginia State Capitol in the capital Richmond. This was designed by Thomas Jefferson. In recent years, the members of the General Assembly and their staff in the General Assembly Building find one that is located on the Capitol Square.

Content and prerequisite for the Chamber of Deputies

The annual salary of the delegates is $ 17,640. Each delegate represents an average of 71,000 residents. In addition, each candidate has to go to the House of Representatives have reached 21 years of age and be residents of the district, which he wants to represent before the election. But he must also be eligible for the General Assembly to vote legislature. A regular session of the General Assembly takes a straight year of 60 days and in an odd year 30 days unless it is extended by a two-thirds majority.


Important members