Districts of New Zealand

Districts (English: Territorial Authority) form the second level of administrative divisions of New Zealand.

The first level consists of the 16 regions ( 17 to the Council of the Chatham Islands).

In total there are 74 Territorial Authorities in New Zealand: 16 city districts (English: City Councils ), 57 "normal" districts (English: District Councils ) and an island - district (English: Iceland Council).

Five of these districts ( Nelson City Council, Gisborne, Tasman and Marlborough District Councils and the Chatham Islands Council ) embody addition to their regional administration also a region that, these are the so-called unitary authorities.

The districts are not subject to the administration of the regions. Thus there are seven districts, which are located in two regions, as well as a (Taupo District ), which is distributed at all four regions.

Territorial Authorities

North Island

  • Region and district Gisborne ( unitary authority )
  • Hawke's Bay region Wairoa District
  • Taupo District ( part)
  • Hastings District
  • Napier City Council
  • Central Hawke's Bay District
  • Rangitikei District ( partial)

South Island

  • Region and district Tasman ( unitary authority )
  • Region and City Council Nelson ( Unitary Authority)
  • Region and District Marlborough ( Unitary Authority)
  • Otago Region Queenstown- Lakes District
  • Central Otago
  • Waitaki District ( partial)
  • Dunedin City Council
  • Clutha District

Chatham Islands

  • Chatham Islands Council ( Unitary Authority)

Other areas

The remaining territories, such as White Iceland, Iceland or Motiti Mayor Iceland, report directly to the "Minister of Local Government ".

Tokelau and the Cook Islands Manage relatively autonomous.


In 1989, emerged in the course of administrative reform until many of today's existing 74 districts. Since then, some changes occurred: