Marielle Goitschel

Marielle Goitschel ( born September 28, 1945 in Sainte -Maxime, Var ) is a French former alpine skier. She was one of the most successful athletes in the 1960s.


In the World Ski Championships 1962 in Chamonix she became world champion in the combination and second in the slalom. At the Olympic Games 1964 in Innsbruck, it was Olympic champion in giant slalom and won behind her sister Christine Goitschel the silver medal in the slalom. For this she won the combination classification, however, only World Championship and did not count as as an Olympic discipline. She cared for additional media attention when she announced her imminent marriage to Jean -Claude Killy. However, this was merely a joke, she had concocted together with her sister in order to make fun of the journalists. In the same year she was on the sports newspaper L' Équipe was the first woman to France's Sportswoman of the Year ( " champion of champions" ) selected and awarded by the International Association of Ski Journalists along with her sister with the Skieur d'Or.

Goitschel was the absolute superstar of the World Ski Championships 1966 in the Chilean ski resort Portillo, when she won in three disciplines ( downhill, giant slalom and combined ) and was second once (slalom ). The gold medal in the downhill, however, was awarded her only two years later, after it had been found that Erika Schinegger actually is a man. At the Olympic Games in Grenoble 1968 Olympic champion, she was again, this time in the slalom and second in the combination. Again, the combination was considered only as a world championship medal, not as an Olympic medal.

In 1967, as the Ski World Cup was first held, she won the slalom discipline ratings ( tied with Annie Famose ) and in the downhill in the standings, it was four points behind the Canadian Nancy Greene Second. In 1968 she decided again the discipline rating in the slalom for themselves and then ended her athletic career. Overall, they won seven World Cup races (two downhills and five slaloms, including also the World Cup slalom scoring the 1968 Olympics ).

Important victories before the introduction of the World Cup they were reached for the criterion of the first snow in Val d'Isere in 1961 and 1962, the Golden Fox in Maribor and the silver pitcher race in Bad Gastein in 1964 and the gold key races in Schruns and the Harriman Cup at Sun Valley 1965. the case of the SDS- race in Grindelwald celebrated from 1963 to 1966 four wins and the Staufen Cup in Oberstaufen she stood until 1966 a total of five times in the first place. Your sixth victory in Oberstaufen counted in 1968 to the World Cup already.

With a total of 11 world championship medals from 1962 to 1968 (7 gold, 4 silver ) it is in this classification after Christl Cranz ( 15 World Championship medals from 1934 to 1939: 12 gold, 3 silver ) is the second most successful alpine skier of all time. However, it was the active time of Cranz driven annually by World Championship medals, the active time of Goitschel only every second year.

From 1962 to 1966 Goitschel was ten times French Champion (four times in the slalom and three times in the giant slalom, and in combination ). Her nephew Philippe Goitschel held from 1993 to 1995 and from 2002 to 2006 the world record for speed skiing.

World Cup wins

* The race of the 1968 Olympic Games were also part of the World Cup.



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