U.S. Route 95

U.S. Highway 95 ( U.S. 95 short ) is an important north -south connection in the western United States. It begins at the Mexican border in San Luis, a small town in the extreme southwest of Arizona, and ends after 2533 miles on British Columbia Highway 95 (BC 95 ) to the Canadian border.

Due to the rural remoteness consists of U.S. 95, unlike most other U.S. highways, not replace almost its entire length to its original route and was continued by modern interstates. He still leads therefore from the state border to Mexico in the south to the border to Canada to the north and is both in Idaho and in Nevada the most important north -south connection.

U.S. 95 in Tonopah

Courthouse on Highway 95 in Goldfield

U.S. 95 in Cambridge (Idaho )

U.S. 95 intersection with State Route 267 at Scotty's Junction