U.S. Route 73

U.S. Highway 73 ( U.S. 73 short ) is a United States highway in the United States. It begins in the state of Kansas on Interstate 70 at Bonner Springs and ends after 180 kilometers on U.S. Highway 75 in Dawson, Nebraska.



From Interstate 70 at Bonner Springs west of Kansas City runs of U.S. Highway 73 in the north and, after about two kilometers on the U.S. Highways 24 and 40 from the city of Leavenworth, the road parallel to the Missouri River in a northwesterly direction. In the center of Atchison uses of U.S. 73 for about two miles down the route of U.S. Highways 59 and leaves the city to the west. From Horton he runs together with U.S. Highway 159 northbound. The route meets south of Hiawatha on U.S. Highway 36 and north of the reserve reaches the border with Nebraska.


Already in Falls City, the first city of the U.S. Highway 73 runs in Nebraska, he separates from U.S. Highway 159, the U.S. 73 leaves Falls City to the north and passes it the burner Field Airport. From the junction of Highways Dustless Highway leads in a westerly direction and then crosses the village Verdon, before 75 ends north of Dawson after 180 kilometers on U.S. Highway.