U.S. Route 67

U.S. Highway 67 runs from the southwest in the Midwestern United States. It runs about 2511 km from its southwestern end point in Presidio County on the bridge over the Mexican border forming the Rio Grande in Presidio, Texas to its northeastern end point in Sabula in Jackson County, Iowa. There, the Highway 67 ends near the Savavanna Sabula Bridge at U.S. Highway 52

The Highway 67 crosses in its course twice the Mississippi River. The first river crossing leads about 30 km north of the city of St. Louis of West Alton, Missouri over the Clark Bridge into Alton, Illinois. In the 390 km northern Quad Cities rock Iceland Centennial Bridge Rock Iceland leads in Illinois to Davenport, Iowa. Additionally, the Highway 67 crosses the Missouri River via the Lewis Bridge on the northern outskirts of St. Louis, which is about seven miles from the Clark Bridge.



Through the Texas Highway 67 runs more in east-west direction, although the U.S. Highways odd numbered usually in the north-south direction (or vice versa ) run. However, in the totality takes the highway on his way through five states, a south- north gradient.

The Highway 67 leads from the Presidio in a northeasterly direction to Interstate 10 and conducts east to Fort Stockton. A few kilometers after the town bends of Highway 67 in the north-east to San Angelo from Interstate from. In the course of U.S. Highway 83 in Ballinger crossed, until the city Coleman is achieved. Here crosses U.S. Highway 283 and later in the Highway 67 leads to the east together with U.S. Highway 84 to Brownwood. Run from here to the Highways 67 and 377 together and cross the U.S. Highway 281 in Stephenville and cross behind Cleburne western branch of Interstate 35 ( Interstate 35W called ) before coming from the south-west Dallas is achieved. There meets the Highway 67 to Interstate 20, Interstate 30, the eastern branch of Interstate 35 ( Interstate 35E ) and that the Interstate 635 and to the U.S. Highways 75, 77 and 80

Now the Highway 67 runs in an easterly and northeasterly direction along with Interstate 30 past the town of Greenville to Sulphur Springs, before a few kilometers east separated the two roads again, but parallel. About Mount Pleasant and the junction with U.S. Highway 259 Highway 67 then in the Twin Cities Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas reached the border between the U.S. states of Texas and Arkansas. In Texarkana, the highway meets 67 on the U.S. Highways 59, 71 and 82


Around 30 km northeast of Texarkana of the Red River is crossed. About Hope with the intersection of U.S. Highway 278, Prescott, Gurdon, Arkadelphia, and Malvern with the intersection of U.S. Highway 270, the Highway 67 runs parallel to Interstate 30 to pass from Benton with this together and to reach Little Rock. There meets the Highway 67 to Interstate 40 and U.S. Highways 65, 70, 165 and 167

About North Little Rock lead the Highways 67 and 167 together continues northeast on a four-lane route. The cities of Jacksonville, Cabot, Beebe (from where also the U.S. Highway 64 runs along the common path ), Searcy to be passed before the Highways 64 and 167 branch in Bald Knob. On the four-track continues in a northeasterly direction of the White River is crossed a little later. At Newport, the four-lane section of Highway and ends reaches 67 in Walnut Ridge, U.S. Highways 63 and 412, the other route now runs due north to Pocahontas, where a bridge over the Black River leads. Here Triffen Highways 62 and 67 together and run in a north-easterly direction, before branching off in Corning Highway 62 to the east again. 12 km to the north-east the border between the states of Arkansas and Missouri is achieved.


After the Highway 62 U.S. Highway has reached coming from the south-west of Arkansas 16 km 160, he leads with this common to the northeast. Five kilometers from Poplar Bluff branches of Highway 160 from this city. The Highway 67 leads now to the north and achieved together with the coming of Popular Bluff U.S. Highway 60 on a ten -kilometer four-lane section of the Mark Twain National Forest. After a few kilometers of Highway 60 branches off to the west again. Behind Greenville crosses the Missouri State Route 34 and the north of it Fredericktown Missouri State Route 72 In the further course, the Missouri State Route reached at Farmington 32, which runs to Park Hills, together with the Highway 67. About Bonne Terre with the junction of the Missouri State Route 47, the highway reaches 67 in Festus the Mississippi. There Interstate 55 crosses under, and shortly thereafter the U.S. Highway 61 reached in the course on the southwestern outskirts. Henceforth, both of which run together in a northerly direction parallel to Interstate 55 and the Mississippi River. In Arnold now the suburban area of St. Louis is achieved. The leading through the Jefferson County line between St. Louis Festus is therefore also called Jeffco Boulevard.

St. Louis County

Through the St. Louis County Highway 67 crosses the Lemay Ferry Road (Missouri State Route 267 ) and Lindbergh Boulevard. About this Kirkwood is achieved. Further north, crosses Interstate 64, where 67 again leads to the highway alone through the village Ladue. Further north is reached after passing under the airport in the northern suburbs of St. Louis. The Highway 67 now leads through Florissant and crosses over the Lewis the Missouri River Bridge. A few kilometers farther north Clark Bridge is achieved, which leads across the Mississippi River to Alton, Illinois.

With the only road tunnel of the State of Missouri Highway 67 leads under the start and runways of the Lambert- St. Louis International Airport through.


In Illinois Highway 67 from Alton performs the Forgottonia called westernmost region of the state which is formed by a river bend of the Mississippi. The road runs in a northerly and north-easterly direction over Jerseyville to Jacksonville, where the road bends to the northwest. About 5 km west of Meredosia at the intersection with the Illinois State Routes 100 and 104, the course is changed back to the north and now runs in about 2 km to the Illinois River. In Beardstown, the highway crosses the Illinois River 67 and now leads straight north through the cities of Macomb and Monmouth. Further north is crosses under Interstate 280 before reaching rock Iceland. About the rock Iceland Centennial Bridge over the Mississippi Highway 67 exit toward Illinois Iowa.


In the Highway 67 Davenport reached about the rock Iceland Centennial Bridge the State of Iowa. From then on the Highway 67 runs parallel to the Mississippi River in the east first. First Interstate 74 crosses under and reached the city of Bettendorf, at the eastern edge of Interstate 80 crosses. In the further course of Clinton is now mainly northern reaches, where U.S. Highway 30 crosses. 27 km north of Clinton at the junction with U.S. Highway 52 near the town of Sabula ends of Highway 67


  • When Highway 67 was set up in 1926, he ran from Dallas, Texas to Fredericktown, Missouri.
  • In 1930, was expanded to its current endpoint at the southwestern border with Mexico.
  • In 1932 the northern terminus was moved north to Rock Iceland, Illinois.
  • 1934 Highway was extended up into the still farther north, Dubuque, Iowa.
  • In 1967 took place then the current setting of the northern end point in Sabula, Iowa.