De Pinte


De Pinte is a municipality in the province of East Flanders with 10,204 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2012). It lies between the Scheldt and the Lys, approximately between 7.5 and 10 m above sea level, the Scheldetal marking the lowest point. Patroonheiliger the parish De Pinte is the holy Nicholas of Tolentino.


The name of the village is of a hostel ( Het Pijntken, today Pintestraat 69 ) borrowed and was first used as a name for the community, when it was separated as a hamlet of the town of Nazareth on June 2, 1868, it was at that time as "Little called Nazareth. " End of the 19th century. be settled at some horticulturists who were later joined together in the 20th century. From 1839 De Pinte was also a stop on the train Gent- Kortrijk, from 1857 also on the line Gent- Oudenaarde.

The colors De Pintes are red and white. The flag can be described as follows:

Community structure

The municipality consists of the nucleus and the village Zevergem, which was incorporated on De Pinte 1977. The bizarre southern border has been corrected here and since then runs along the Scheldt. Qua population is greater than Zevergem De Pinte, but according to area are both more or less equivalent. In general, the Oudenaardse Steenweg ( N60 ) is perceived as a boundary between the two. In the north, bordering the municipality of Sint -Martens- Latem, to the east of Ghent, Merelbeke, and on the south by Gavere and in the west to Nazareth. En De Pinte detail borders the following municipalities part of these communities:

  • A Sint- Denijs- Westrem ( Ghent)
  • B. Zwijnaarde (Gent)
  • C. Schelderode ( Merelbeke )
  • D [ [ Melsen ( Merelbeke )]]
  • E Vurste ( Gavere )
  • F Eke ( Nazareth )
  • G Nazareth
  • H Deurle (Sint -Martens- Latem )
  • I Sint -Martens- Latem


The village Zevergem lies on the Scheldt and is one of the oldest villages on the banks of the so-called Scheldeveld, it was first mentioned as 964 Sewaringhem. The name is derived from Saiwiwaringa home (home of the von Saiwirwar ). The village was under rule of the family of Severghem until Rodolf de Rode it was 1232 at the Ghent St. Pietersabdij ( Abbey ) in exchange for goods in Munter and Balegem. It is especially nice for cyclists or walkers between Zevergem and today canalised Scheldt. Older Scheldt arms like the Doornhammeke, are now valuable natural areas with breeding grounds for all kinds of bird species. Gone are the stone farms that produced the Scheldt stone, only residual water units which bear witness to this past. The football club is affiliated to the VC Zevergem Sportief KBVB.

Church of Our Lady

Former Pastorei

The Doornhammeke

Old Scheldt Zevergem

Weldener Castle


  • Source: NIS - Note: 1876-1970 = censuses at 31 December; 1868 = Population at 31 December; 1977 = Population at 1 January
  • 1977: Incorporation of Zevergem and areas of Melsen, Schelderode and Vurste; Cession of a part of a zone of Zevergem at Merelbeke ( 9.13 km ² with a population of 1656 )


De Pintes mayor is Martin Van Peteghem. He stands in front of a board of mayors and aldermen of politicians of the CD & V and VLD.


Ghent is located 7 kilometers (km ) northeast, Deinze 8 km southwest, 16 km south of Oudenaarde, Kortrijk 32 south-west, 37 km north-west of Bruges and Brussels 52 km to the southeast. De Pinte is intersected by the Oudenaardsesteenweg ( N60 ). The A14 (E17 ) has via exit 8 Following this. The community has a regional station on the railway line Gent- De Pinte - Deinze - Kortrijk and Ghent De Pinte - Oudenaarde, which also offer a direct connection to Brussels, De Panne and Ronse beyond.


  • Each year, the cycling event Sneukeltoer De Pinte takes place, what about 2300 cyclists participating. The income flow into an action "Kom op tegen kanker ", an action alliance against cancer.
  • In Zevergem annually one of the biggest music festivals Ostflanders is organized Zeverrock.

Famous people

  • Katrien Devos, Flemish actress
  • Tine Ruysschaert, Flemish actress
  • Gabriel Rios, famous singer
  • Evy Gruyaert ( Zevergem ), radio and television presenter
  • Frederik Sioen ( Zevergem ), singer - songwriter
  • Paul Van Cauwenberge, Rector of the University of Ghent


The municipality is twinned in Baden- Württemberg since 1971 with the German church retreat Office ( Black Forest).