Waasmunster is located on the Durme Flemish municipality in the province of East Flanders with 10,558 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2012).

Dendermonde is located 8 kilometers south, Antwerp 25 km northeast, 26 km southwest of Ghent and Brussels, about 35 km south-east.

Waasmunster has three parishes. De Ruiter, Sombeke and the center. The toponym Waasmunster should come from Waes - Monasterium, which means " monastery in Waasland ". The Abbey of Roos mountain that belongs to the Order of Victor interior, was built by the Doorniker Bishop Walter van Marvis during the 13th century. The fort Les Gobelets built at the beginning of the 20th century in neoclassical styles.

The blazon of Waasmünster depicts a mermaid, holding up a rutabaga. They have already been cultivated since the 16th century, especially since they were spread to the rest of Flanders as green fodder. The flag is blue and yellow.

The municipality has a motorway on the A14 / E 17 in Sint- Niklaas - Sinaai, Lokeren, Zele and Dendermonde offers the nearest regional stations.

Waasmunster has been twinned with the Slovenian municipality of Kranjska Gora



Mayors were:

  • Baron Victor de Neve de Roden (1833-1851; 1862-1878),
  • Jean Van den Bogaerde,
  • Baron Emile de Neve de Roden (Catholic ) ( 1885-1915 )
  • Maria Moens (CVP ) ( 1950-1976 )
  • René Bocklandt (CVP ) (1977 -1982 ),
  • Willy Strobbe (CVP ) ( 1982-1994 )
  • Eric Van Mele ( SP) (1995-2000 )
  • Rik Daelman (VLD ) (2001 -)