Maldegem (also Maldeghem ) is a Belgian municipality located in the Flemish region. It is located in the province of East Flanders in the Belgian arrondissement Eeklo at an altitude of about 10 meters above sea level.


The municipality consists of the three districts Maldegem ( with the villages Donk and Kleit ) Adegem and Middelburg.

Location and economic

Maldegem bordered to the north by the Dutch municipality of Sluis in the southern Netherlands province of Zeeland ( the border is located just 3 kilometers to the north ). The city of Bruges is located 16 km west, 25 km southwest of Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels 65km east 73 km south-east (all figures in a straight line for each center ).

In Aalter, Beernem, Bruges and Ghent, both the nearest motorway exits at the Belgian A10 / E 40 and the next stations. The railway line Gent- Eeklo - Maldegem is no longer operated in regular passenger service. In Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels keep next to trains of regional transport and international trains such as the Thalys. The nearest major airports are located in Antwerp and Brussels.

For the economy of horticulture (including several nurseries) as well as many small businesses and farms of importance.


In the center of Maldegem are some historically interesting buildings, such as the church, the deacon House ( dekenij ) and a small castle.

Sons and daughters of the community

  • Noël Foré (1932-1992), Belgian cyclist, born in Ardegem


Since 1967, a partnership with the Hessian town Lampert home. Also, there is such a connection to wierden in the Netherlands.