Zingem is a Belgian municipality located in the Flemish region with 7307 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2012). It lies on the left bank of the Scheldt and comprises the main town and the two districts Huise and Ouwegem.

Oudenaarde is located seven kilometers south, Gent 16 km north and 50 km east of Brussels.

The next highway exits are located in the west at Deinze and Kruishoutem on the A14 / E 17 and to the north in Merelbeke on the A10 / E 40

The community has a regional station on the railway line Oudenaarde - Ghent; others are, inter alia, to in Gavere, Oudenarde, Zwalm and Deinze. In Gent hold across regional express trains.

In Brussels there is an international airport.