Sint -Laureins is a predominantly rural municipality of Belgium in the northern Flanders region, with 6640 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2012). The municipality borders directly on the Netherlands and is adjacent to the nucleus of the districts Sint- Margriete, Sint -Jan -in- Emero, Water -Oudeman and Watervliet.

Eeklo located 5 kilometers south, 22 km west of Bruges, Ghent, 26 km south-southeast, Antwerp 60km east and 72 km south-east of Brussels.

The next highway exits are located at Aalter and Ghent from the A10 / E 40 In Eeklo is the nearest local train station and in Ghent and Bruges keep on regional express trains. In Antwerp there is a regional airport near the capital Brussels there is an international airport.