Zwalm is a Belgian municipality located in the Flemish region. It is located in the province of East Flanders in the Arrondissement of Oudenaarde.

The municipality is formed from the merger of 13 villages and therefore has no right center.

Zwalm located 7 kilometers northeast of Oudenaarde, 15km northwest of Geraardsbergen, 18 km south of Ghent and 44 km west of Brussels (all figures refer to the distance from the center of the community in a straight line to the respective city centers).

The next highway exits are located a few kilometers north of the A10 / E40 and A14 / E 17 in the cities of Ghent and Deinze and Wetteren in the community.

The community itself has a railway station in the district Munkzwalm on the railway line Kortrijk - Oudenaarde - Zwalm - Zottegem - Brussels. In Ghent and Brussels are the closest train stations with international trains such as Thalys et al.



Roborst, Church: parochiekerk Sint Denijs

Munkzwalm, Church: parochiekerk Sint Mattheus

Sint Maria Latem Church: de Onze Lieve Vrouwe Zeven Smartenkerk


Zwalm maintains a partnership with the German town of Schwalm town in the Schwalm -Eder -Kreis.