Haabersti (subdistrict)

The municipality Haabersti ( Haabersti asum ) is in the same district Haabersti ( Haabersti linnaosa ) of the Estonian capital Tallinn.


The municipality has 570 inhabitants (as of 1 May 2010). It is bordered on the north by the Bay of Kopli ( Kopli Laht ). Its historical German name is Haberst or Haber's yard.

In Haabersti is completed in 2001, the multi-functional hall Saku Suurhall. It is equipped with a capacity of over 10,000 visitors, the largest of its kind in Estonia. There, regular sporting events and concerts. The hall was the venue of the 47th Euro Vision Song Contest in May 2002.

The Saku Suurhall stands next to the modern shopping center Rocca al Mare kaubanduskeskus with his sales area of ​​54,000 square meters. It opened its doors in 1998.


Habersti was already in 1265 in the city limits Mark of Tallinn ( Reval German ). In the 16th or 17th century, it became city property. 1969 was incorporated into the Estonian capital.


Rocca al Mare shopping center

View over the sea to the Municipality Haabersti