Maakri is a district (Estonian asum ) of the Estonian capital Tallinn. It is located in the district Kesklinn ( "downtown" ).


Maakri has 915 inhabitants (as of 1 May 2010).

After regaining independence emerged in Estonian Maakri from the early 1990s with the construction of many modern high-rise buildings, the economic and financial center of the Estonian capital.

Hospital Church of St. Johann

The district is also the historic hospital church of St. Johann (Estonian Jaani Seegi Nicholas' Church ). The Aussätzigenspital of Tallinn (Latin domus sancti Johannis fratrum leprosorum, Low German Sankt Johannis sekenhus ) has already been mentioned in a document in 1237 William of Modena. Not later than the 14th century the associated chapel was built.

1559 the church and the charity hospital were destroyed during the Livonian War, however, constructed in 1648 hospital and church. 1724, the church was enlarged and renovated in 1781 the bell tower on the pediment of the west wall. The two bells date from 1619 and 1731.

The plan of the church is trapezoidal. Unlike most Christian churches, the church is not from west to east but from the southeast (input) to the north- west aligned ( altar). The exterior and interior of the church is kept modest.

Since the early 1990s, the church belongs to the Tallinn municipality of the Armenian Apostolic Church.


The former hospital church of St. John in the 17th century

Old and new architecture in Maakri

Former cafè Miny -Many in the Maakri -Straße 26

German Historic wooden houses in the street Maker unfortunately demolished