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Aegna ( Wulf German, Swedish Ulfsö ) an island in the Baltic Sea off the northern coast of Estonia is in the Gulf of Finland.


The island Aegna is at the forefront of Viimsi peninsula on the outskirts of Tallinn Bay, 14 km from Tallinn.

Neighboring islands are Kräsuli and Kumbli. The area of ​​Aegna is 2.95 km ². Aegna is the conservation area. 70 % of the island is covered by forest.


Since 1460 some fishermen settled at least temporarily on the island. At the beginning of the 20th century the inhabitants of the five former farms were forced to leave the island for military reasons. The old cemetery of the island has been preserved.

1911 was built on the orders of Tsar a coastal battery, which was further expanded in the Second World War. The ruins can still be seen today. From 1914 to 1944, on the island of a narrow gauge railway in operation.

The island and its sandy beach is a popular destination for tourists from Tallinn (irregular ferry ). Administratively, the island again Since 1975 the city of Tallinn. Ten people live permanently on the island.

After Aegna a cigarette brand was named in the Soviet Union.