Sikupilli ( German for " bagpipe " ) is a district (Estonian asum ) of the Estonian capital Tallinn. It is located in Lasnamäe district ( German " Laaksberg ").


The municipality has 10,952 inhabitants (as of 1 May 2010).

The building alternates between prefabricated high-rise buildings in the Soviet style and two -to three- story modern family homes. The Sikupilli keskus is one of the largest shopping centers in Tallinn.

In Sikupilli the Tallinna Teeninduskool, a vocational school for aspiring chefs and service staff in the hotel and restaurant (formerly " Vocational School No. 24") is located.

To Sikupilli the Lasnamäe heard karjäär (also called Pae karjäär ), a former 32.5 -acre limestone mining area with a large artificial lake. Future on its shore are to be built luxury apartments.