Heimertingen is a municipality in the Swabian district of Lower Allgäu region and a member of the administrative community Boos.

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Heimertingen is right on the city limits of Memmingen in the Danube -Iller region in central Bavaria.

Expansion of the municipal area

The municipal area consists only of the district Heimertingen.


Heimertingen was up to the Empire in 1803 the Office of the Principality of Fugger - Babenhausen, originally from Augsburg Fugger line Fugger of the lily. With the Act of Confederation in 1806 the place came to the Kingdom of Bavaria.

Population Development


Mayor Armin Bauer ( Heimer Qualtinger list).

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on July 20, 1966 by a decision of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior.

Blazon: ". Turned in a gold wandered red top, is a silver crescent, each accompanied by a blue lily "

The local rule over Heimertingen practiced since the late Middle Ages from the Memmingen patrician family Edlinstett; 1589 came the Count Fugger into closer relations with the territory of the municipality. These essential for the history facts are represented symbolically in the municipal coat of arms by the symbols of the House of Fugger ( blue lilies in gold) and the family of Edlinstett (half moon).

The design and the design of the coat of arms took over the Memminger Georg Schedele.


The flag was approved on 20 March 1991 by decision of the Government of Swabia.

The flag is blue - white - blue striped with applied coat of arms.

Culture and sights

Roman Catholic parish church of St. Martin in the year 853 with frescoes of the Schwab Munich painter Ferdinand Wagner.

→ List of monuments in Heimertingen

Economy and infrastructure

Economy, agriculture and forestry

It was in 1998 according to official statistics in the field of agriculture and forestry seven, in the manufacturing sector and 373 in the area of ​​trade and transport 141 persons work at the workplace. In other areas, were employed to social security at the work of 60 people. Social insurance contributions at residence, there were a total of 604 in the manufacturing sector, there were none, in the construction of two plants. In addition, in 1999, there were 24 farms with an agricultural area of 740 hectares, of which 467 hectares of arable land and 273 acres of meadowland.

In 2010, there are 500 employees in the city, also 17 farms.


In 2010 there were the following facilities:

  • Kindergarten: 50 kindergarten places with 50 children
  • School: Association of primary school with 8 teachers and 185 students


Heimertingen lies on the railway line Ulm -Kempten. Here there is an operating station. Trains stop here not to get in and out. As part of the Regio -S -Bahn Danube -Iller the reconstruction is planned in a passenger station.


  • Ignaz Waibel (1661-1733)