Japan's Top 100 Waterfalls

The list of top 100 waterfalls in Japan (Japanese日本 の 滝 百 選, Nihon no taki Hyakusen ) includes stellvertertretend for the variety of available in Japan waterfalls a selection of 100 exemplary waterfalls that following a public tender from 517 candidates from 1990 Ministry of Environment, with the support of the "Administrative Office of forests and fields " (林野 庁, Rinyachō, Eng. Forestry Agency), was a special office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries compiled.


The following list is sortable by name, location and height of fall. The arrangement of entries is done prefecture, from the north ( Hokkaido ) to the south ( Okinawa ). The "Name" column includes the German name of the waterfall. The Japanese name including the Hepburn romanization are located in the " Japanese ". See " Note " if known, the drop height and other details noted. The column " coordinates" records the geographical location, the column " image " an image.

List of top 100 waterfalls