Rohrbach, Switzerland

Rohrbach BE

Rohrbach is a municipality in the Oberaargau the canton of Bern in Switzerland.


Rohrbach is located in the Upper Aargau in the Swiss Plateau, close to the Langete. The neighboring municipalities are Auswil, Huttwil, Rohrbachgraben and Madiswil.


Rohrbach is one of the oldest villages in the canton of Bern. Rohrbach - or was still Rorpah - the first time was mentioned in the year 795. At that time the Kelnhof Rohrbach belonged to the abbey of St. Gallen. In the late Middle Ages, the estate belonged to 1309 the local barons of Ruti, whose representatives Dietrich von Ruti as a participant at the 1308 regicide I. Albrecht was declared forfeited by the Dukes of Austria his offices and fiefs: taken from him were the st. Gallic bailiwick and Meier office across the courtyard to Rohrbach and his castle Trachsel forest. The rule Rohrbach came in the wake of the Barons of Signau.

Baron Ulrich III. Signau mortgaged the rule together with his son Matthias for 700 florins florins to Count Hartmann III. of Kyburg and his brothers. When Ulrich III. died after 1362, was his son Matthias against the Count House New Kyburg pledge Lord. Short of money, the Count wanted the pledge Rohrbach sell what Matthias Signau was subject to a re- solution law within nine years on December 7, 1370 in Basel his consent. The sale was then on February 2, 1371 to the same deposit amount - 700 florins florins - the cousin of Matthias Signau, Baron Berchtold I. from the family of the Barons of Green Mountain. The rule includes the village and the office with people, good, high and low courts, Twing and spell, wood and field. Rohrbach turned out for his family as an important link between Madiswil and the small town of Huttwil, which was later re- green bergisch. After Berchtold I was soon after died, inherited his brother John II the wrath of the Green Mountain Pawn Rohrbach. May be under his rule fell the nine-year restoration solution right of the barons of Signau, so that from about 1380 Rohrbach as green bergisches property consider. To rule Rohrbach included the high and low courts of Eriswil.

After the death of John II of Pomerania before the February 3, 1384 were inherited by his son of the same John III. the Grimme rule Rohrbach, who remained his property until his death in 1429. About his daughter Magdalena, the village came to his son Hermann Eptingen, but was occupied him as an Austrian partisans in the Old Zurich War of Bern. 1449 was the city of Bern Rohrbach back to Magdalena by Green Mountain ( † before November 21, 1468 ). Your heirs, Hans Rudolf von Luternau and his wife Barbara of Mülinen, sold 1504 Rohrbach at Berne. The place retained special rights as a separate district court and its own ground.

The Kelnhof the monastery of St. Gall remained all the time. In 1414, Baron Thomas von Falkenstein it acquired along with the remaining property of the monastery of St. Gall.

Coat of arms


The Green Mountain Six is a reference to the coat of arms of the Barons of Green Mountain.


Congregation is Elizabeth Spichiger President (SVP, Booth 2014).


The village of Rohrbach is characterized by craft and commercial enterprises. Larger industrial enterprises are the companies Lanz- Anliker AG, Zaugg AG and Rüfenacht AG.


Although in recent years the number of farms operated declined Rohrbach and can no longer be described as a peasant village, the proud farms are still a defining element of the village image.


Rohrbach is on the main road Huttwil- Langenthal. Besides roads lead to Auswil and Rohrbachgraben. The BLS AG ensures the connection to the rail network with the line Huttwil- Langenthal.


In Rohrbach there are the following educational institutions:

  • 2 kindergartens
  • Primary school
  • Junior high school
  • 1 small classes



Interior of the church

Station Rohrbach

Playground in the village center