Gondiswil, Gumiswil dialect, is a municipality in the Oberaargau the canton of Bern in Switzerland. Under the name exists alongside the community of a civic community.


Gondiswil located in the Upper Aargau in the Swiss Mittelland. The neighboring municipalities are Huttwil, Auswil, Madiswil, Reisiswil, Melchnau, Grossdietwil, Fischbach, cell and Ufhusen.


The community is strongly affected by migration caused by the crisis in the agricultural sector, the most important economic factor of the community.


The kindergarten and primary school is run together with Reisiswil. The kindergarten is located in Reisiswil, the primary school in Gondiswil. For the kindergarten children, there is a school bus.


The community is strongly influenced rural, 66 % of farms are farms.


Although Gondiswil is on the railway line Wolhusen -Huttwil and has a stop; this is no longer operated from December 2009 due to lack of sufficient passenger frequencies. But since December 2004, a so-called Bürgerbus Gondiswil goes to Huttwil. But this is not figured in the official timetable.


1894 were found slate coal in the construction of the railway line. From 1918-1919 a limited coal mining took place, but the seams were too small and the pit collapsed, whereupon a small lake was created. During WW2 again coal was mined.


Historical Granary

Reformed church, community center, post office Gondiswil

Economy to the station in Station

Rössli Gondiswil