Wiedlisbach with the residential tower

Wiedlisbach is a municipality in the Oberaargau the canton of Bern in Switzerland.

The municipality is composed of the town and is located in the region of Upper Aargau at the foot of the Jura, the northeastern part of the canton of Bern. Wiedlisbach is characterized by its well-preserved medieval town center, for which the municipality (1974 Henri- Louis Wakker Prize for exemplary tidiness, 1975 award by the Euro Europe) has been awarded with various prizes.

Adjacent communities are Attiswil in the West, Rumisberg in the north, the east, and Oberbipp Wangen an der Aare in the south.


In the area around Wiedlisbach numerous Bronze Age, Roman and early medieval finds are known. The place Wiedlisbach was first mentioned in 1275 as a city. The establishment and city status - probably due to its strategic location on the north-south trade routes - probably to be dated around 1240. The town lies on the road from Basel to Biel Solothurn over and next to the main street comprises a parallel side street. It was surrounded by a circular wall. In the northwest corner is the little town of tower (the seat of happy burg Vogts ), near the northeast corner of the chapel. The village belonged to the parish church Oberbipp. Customs and market have been proven since the 14th century.

After the place was founded by the Counts of Frohnburg repeatedly changed hands in pledge, he came in 1463 definitely at that state and now the canton of Bern. 1487 a hospital was donated. In the 16th century there were about 250 inhabitants in the town, in the 18th century around 500 with a three-day festival in June 2005 Wiedlisbach celebrated its 750th anniversary.


  • Grain house / museum - Former granary, the majority of 1693 Various uses, since 1955 local museum..
  • Restaurant Krone - As a guest house for rapping in the 16th century, mentioned in records in 1800 completely burned, built in 1823 as an inn crown back.
  • Gasthof key - Construction and locally historically valuable buildings. Conspiracy site of the Counts of Kyburg against the city of Solothurn ( 1382 ). Hans Roth from Rumisberg saves the city. Accommodation of Emperor Joseph II
  • Tower / City Wall - In the 13th century erbauter residential tower. Served from the 16th to the 19th century as a granary, now back living room. Landmark Wiedlisbach.
  • Old Mill
  • See also: List of cultural property in Wiedlisbach


Wiedlisbach is good transport links. Since 1918 there is a direct rail link to Solothurn and Niederbipp to Langenthal ( former Solothurn- Niederbipp -Bahn ). In December 2012, the new line - Niederbipp Oensingen was (re) opened, which now consists of direct connection to the SBB - long-haul network. Wangen an der Aare River and the mountain communities Rumisberg Farnern and are accessed via a bus line. The connection to the motorway A1 ( Bern- Zurich ) is a few minutes away from the resort.


St Catherine's Chapel in the background Städtli

Behind Städtli

House in the background Städtli


Old Mill

South view from Städtli

Station Wiedlisbach with new " Bipperlisi "

Residential tower and grain house-museum

In the back Städtli