SA Tennis Open

The ATP tournament in Johannesburg ( officially SA Tennis Open, and 1995 South African Open ) is a former South African men's tennis tournament. The competition was first held in 1976 in Johannesburg and the 1990 when the tournament was replaced by the competitions in Durban and Sun City, as well as a break from 1996 to 2008 in 2009, fought again after minor interruptions beginning; after the host of the 2011 contest was finally stopped. The tournament of the ATP World Tour 250 Played on hard courts.

In individual only the American Vitas Gerulaitis won the tournament with two wins more than once, if you include sweeps in Durban and Sun City with one, then you can his compatriot Aaron Krickstein also call with two titles as a record winner; in a double was the South Africans Frew McMillan most successful with four titles.

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