2011–12 Campionato Sammarinese di Calcio

The Campionato Sammarinese di Calcio in 2011/12 was the 27th season of the Sammarinese football league. It began on 17 September 2011 and ended with the championship final on May 29, 2012.

In the regular season, the teams played in two equal groups of eight and seven teams. Each team hit it twice on the teams of their own group, and once on each team in the other group. After that, each group in the Championship Playoff the top three teams competed, which was played in a double - knockout system. The two group winners were doing a bye in the first round only to rise again in the second round in the playoffs one.

In the final SP Tre Penne defeated the AC Libertas and thus secured his first league title in club history. The Cup was won by SP La Fiorita.

Preliminary round

Group A

Final from April 20, 2012

Group B

Final from April 20, 2012

Cross Table

The cross table presents the results of all games of this first round represents the home team is listed in the first column, the visiting team in the top row. The results are always given from the perspective of the home team.


Note on the chart: the winner of an encounter follows the line to the right, all losers of the winning round to take according to their settlements in the losers bracket, bottom part (for example, V3 = loser game 3). A team is coming off after the second defeat of the competition.