Ephraim Bateman

Ephraim Bateman ( born July 9, 1780 in Cedarville, Cumberland County, New Jersey; † January 28, 1829 ibid ) was an American politician who represented the state of New Jersey in both chambers of Congress.

Born in Lawrence Township Ephraim Bateman attended the public schools and later a Latin school. In 1796 he completed a dressmaker; 1799 to 1801 he was employed as a teacher at a school in his hometown. After that, he was trained at a medical doctor; the studies he graduated in 1803 from the University of Pennsylvania, after which he began practicing in Cedarville.

Batemans political career began with membership in the New Jersey General Assembly from 1808 to 1809; the Parliament of his country he was also in 1811 and 1813 as a speaker. Then he was elected to the House of Representatives of the United States, where he represented the interests of New Jersey between 4 March 1815 and 3 March 1823 a member of the Democratic Republicans.

As a result, Bateman was in the New Jersey State Council, the forerunner of until 1844 created State Senate. He was vice-president of the committee of which he already retired again on November 10, 1826 after a short term of office, to take the place of the late Joseph McIlvaine in the U.S. Senate. Bateman remained there as a member of the National Republican Party until January 12, 1829, when he resigned from his position for health reasons. Only 16 days later he died in his hometown of Cedarville. In the Senate he was chairman of the Agriculture Committee, among others.