Franklin Davenport

Franklin Davenport ( * September 1755 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, † July 27, 1832 in Woodbury, New Jersey) was an American politician who represented the state of New Jersey in both chambers of Congress.


Early life

Franklin Davenport, whose exact date of birth is not known, was a nephew of the founding father Benjamin Franklin. He enjoyed an academic education and studied law in Burlington. After qualifying as a lawyer in 1776 he began to work in Gloucester County as an official.

But he was soon like other men of his class ordered as a soldier in the Revolutionary War, where he was promoted from private on the Major to the rank of Colonel in 1779. In the same year he was raised to the rank of major general, a rank, the Davenport held until his death. In addition, he was promoted in 1796 to brigadier general of the militia of Gloucester County.

Political activity

1781 Davenport moved to the small town of Woodbury, where he worked as a lawyer again. Here he was appointed before the existence of a Chamber of Deputies Speaker of the Gloucester County in 1785. But a year later, as a Parliament, which was New Jersey General Assembly, established, had Davenport from 1786 to 1789 held a seat here.

After John Rutherfurd had resigned as U.S. Senator, Davenport was a member of the Federalist Party, was appointed on 5 December 1798, his successor. But Davenport should be only a transitional Senator; on March 3, 1799, he left office. Just one day later, on March 4, 1799, he was elected as MP for New Jersey House of Representatives of the United States. It should, however, be active only one legislative period to 3 March 1801.

Late life

After 1801 it was relatively quiet around Davenport, who took up his duties as an attorney and criminal defense lawyer again. He died at the age of 76 years.