Mazda 1000

Mazda 1000 Saloon ( 1973)

The Mazda 1000 was a car in the compact class, the Mazda in Japan from 1967 to 1978 produced as Mazda Familia FA2. Him the Mazda 1200 with a larger engine was put to the side, which was replaced in 1970 by the Mazda 1300 1968. There were also versions with rotary engine Mazda Familia under the name Rotary. From 1973 there was a revised series with the name Mazda Familia FA3, which was offered from 1974 to 1977 in Germany as a Mazda 1000/1300. The next generation Mazda Familia AP launched in 1977 as export Mazda 323

  • 2.1 Kia Brisa 1973-1981

Mazda Familia FA2 Japan / 1000/1200/1300 Mazda North America 1967-1973

1967, unveiled in the same year predecessor was offered in 1000 as a 1000 Deluxe with greater body. The four-cylinder OHV engine with 987 cc displacement and an output of 58 bhp (43 kW) at 6000 min - 1 was adopted. While the front wheels were independently suspended on MacPherson struts, a rigid axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs and telescopic shock absorbers at the rear was installed. The cars were as 2 - or 4 -door sedan or 5- door station wagon available and reached a top speed of 135 km / h

Of 1200 1968 was the 1000 set aside. Its engine had 1169 cc and made 58-68 hp ( 43-50 kW), depending on the respective national regulations. The 1200 was also available as a 2- door coupe and a top speed of 150 km / h

1970 replaced the 1300 to 1200; ³ he had a four-cylinder OHC engine with 1272 cm and 69 bhp (51 kW) to offer.

Familia Rotary in Japan and North America

In addition to the variants with reciprocating engines Mazda offered from 1968, the Mazda R100 Coupe and from 1969 to the sedan with a 2- rotor Wankel engine, the chamber volume was 2x 491 cc. He made 100 bhp (74 kW) at 7000 min -1 and accelerated the vehicles at 175-180 km / h

1972 replaced the RX-3/Savanna the Familia Rotary.

Mazda Familia Presto Japan / Mazda 1000/1300 export 1973-1977 ( FA3 )

In 1973, the series has been revised and now for the Mazda Familia Presto or Mazda 1000 and 1300. During the sedan and the coupe was redesigned, the pickup and the combination remained unchanged in the body design. Only in March 1974, the series came first as Mazda in 1300 to Germany as a 2- door sedan and as of June 1974 as a 4-door sedan. The 1.3 -liter R4.Motor made ​​66 hp ( 44 kW) at 6000 min -1. From September 1974 there was also the Model 1000 in two body styles. The 1.0 liter engine produced R4- 45 hp (33 kW) at 5800 min -1.

In October 1975, the performance of the 1.3 liter engine was (44 kW ) will be redeemed on 60 hp at 5500 min -1. The two-door got a passenger seat that slides when folding the backrest forwards to help you get started for the rear passengers. In February 1977 ended the production of the series and was replaced by the Mazda Familia AP, in the export Mazda 323.

Kia Brisa 1973-1981

Kia Motors built the model from 1973 is the first passenger car model from Kia in the first Kia plant Kia Brisa as.