Mazda Chantez

The Mazda Chantez was a small car Toyo Kōgyō, Mazda offered today in the Japanese Kei -car class. The only two-door coupe available was introduced in July 1972 in the home market. Toyo Kogyo Mazda or the automotive industry began in 1960 with the 2- seater Mazda R360, emerged on the basis of the 1962 Mazda Carol P360 and Mazda Carol P600. Through these models Mazda was in the 1960s to become the leading manufacturer in the kei car class. Due to the focus on equipped with rotary engine small cars Mazda lost but over the years more and more market share in the kei car segment. Meanwhile Toyo Kogyo had expanded its range to include the Mazda Familia series and due to falling sales, production ceased last kei car model Carol P360 1970. However, they did not want to remain entirely without offering in the segment and developed the Chantez. To keep costs low, the production line of Carol P360 should be used. So it was that the Chantez on the chassis of Carol P360 was built, but in contrast to this a front-engine rear-wheel drive with the received from Carol. This led to the longest wheelbase (2200 mm) in the kei car class and the interior was therefore very spacious. To further different from the competition, there was only a 2-door coupe version with fold-down rear seatback, causing the load volume increased and the use has been simplified. The trim levels ranged from the basic version of L with little chrome approaches, color-keyed bumper and B -pillar, on the LX, GL, GF and GL II to elite Model S II, with a sporty held interior with sports seats, radial tires and two -tone paintwork. Were unusual for this time possible in this class options, such as towbar and audio stereo.

Originally Chantez should get the 3A single- rotor Wankel engine newly developed and settle through this from the competition. However, the competent authorities and the competitor prevented this project and so the Chantez received the powerful water-cooled two-cylinder two -stroke engine with 359cm ³ AA, who also came in vans Mazda Porter in the sequence used. With 35 hp (26 kW) at 6500 rpm max.Leistung, the top speed was 115 km / h and the sprint to " 400 meters " 20.6 seconds.

Since the Mazda Chantez had planned from the beginning as a sporty, more exclusive offering in the kei car class, you could not respond appropriately in the oil crisis in the segment and offer a smaller or more practical body version. Accordingly, it was sluggish sales. As a result, Mazda could not build the car and originally planned by the low sales, Mazda lost interest in the kei car class and set up a sale of the Chantez without direct successor in 1976, since the engine from 1977 no longer the revised emissions regulations would have met.

Not until 1989 served Mazda with his daughter brand Autozam Autozam Carol and again the segment. However, Mazda developed for the kei car class no longer own engines and also used in its current offer the Mazda Carol just purchased engines.