Mazda MX-6

The Mazda MX -6 is a sports coupe of the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda.

First generation (1987-1991)

In this section, the German version of the model is treated, there were slight differences to the American series on equipment and motors.

The first-generation Mazda MX -6 was only sold in Germany under the name 626 coupe. The technical basis, the third-generation Mazda 626 dar. Although the MX-6 was the third coupe model to 626 - basis, but the first two are not entered into such a phenomenon. Again, the MX -6 sister model as described below 2nd generation Ford Probe.

The model was produced from 1987 to 1991 for the German market. It was based on some futuristic design studies of the early 80s. Especially with the optional LCD speedometer and various other gadgets to the coupe raised accordingly on the sedan.

Following engines and equipment were available in Germany:

  • 2.0i with 66 kW (90 hp)
  • 2.2i with 85 kW ( 116 hp )
  • 2.0 16V GT with 103 kW ( 140 hp ) (own equipment line )
  • LX: Base
  • GLX: Base plus E windows, electric mirrors and velor upholstery

On request, cruise control, four-wheel steering, liquid crystal speedometer and an electrically adjustable chassis were still available, to mention only the most interesting extras. Leather interior, ABS, air conditioning, however, were reserved for the American market, as well as the model powered by a 145 -hp 2.2 - liter turbocharged engine with intercooler. This engine was offered outside America only in the first generation Ford Probe.

In this model, it was the first time the so-called 4WS system. It provided for greater cornering stability by drew the rear wheels depending on speed to the front wheels.

Second generation GE6 (1992-1997)

In September 1991, the coupe debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Base was the 626 sedan. Powertrain, chassis and platform were related to the Ford Probe, which was built by Mazda in conjunction with the MX-6 and U.S. 626 in the USA.

In February 1992, the launch took place. There were two engines available: a 2.0 -liter 16V with 116 hp and a 2.5 - liter V6 24V with 165 PS, ABS was standard on both models. The price for the 16V - based version was 40,500 DM

In January 1993, the top model was presented with a 24-valve V6 engine and 4WS. The price of this model at that time was 51,750 DM

In September 1995, a revised V6 engine replaced with 163 hp from the previous model.

In 1997 the production was stopped.

Model and engine overview

  • GE6 1992-1997 85 kW, 1991 cc
  • GE6 1992-1995 121/123 kW, 2497 cc
  • GE6 1995-1997 120 kW, 2497 cc