Mazda Demio

The Mazda2 is a front wheel drive small cars the Japanese manufacturer Mazda, which has been built since the spring of 2003 and is now in its second generation, since the fall of 2007.

He is the successor of Mazda Demio, while the latter is still built and sold in some countries in Europe. In the model range of the manufacturer it is placed at the lower end below the Mazda3.

  • 2.1 engines
  • 2.2 Electric drive

2 (Type DY, 2003-2007)

Mazda2 (2003-2005)

Launched in April 2003, first-generation Mazda2 was based on the platform of the Ford Fusion and was based on the design predecessor, the Mazda Demio. A striking external feature of the Mazda2 was then still unusual for a small car high passenger cell, which looks more reminiscent of a minivan. It was built in the Spanish Ford plant in Valencia Almussafes.

In the spring of 2005 saw a minor facelift, with the headlamps and aprons were upgraded and new fabrics and colors were used. New it was also clear tail lights and modified, smaller fog lights.

Rear view



In the course of the model cycle, the engines and transmission options were always slightly revised. Thus, the automatic transmission was available until 2006 in the 1.4 -liter MZ- CD diesel. The same engine since the facelift in 2005 with the emission standard Euro Moreover fulfilled by a new control unit 4

2 (Type DE, since 2007)

Mazda2 (2007-2010)

On 20 October 2007, the launch of the second generation of the Mazda2 was held in Germany. By "downsizing" this four centimeters shorter falls out and is based on a new platform, which also makes use of the new Ford Fiesta.

As a production location Ujina selected in Hiroshima, there was on 22 May 2007 the first vehicle off the assembly line. In contrast to the box-shaped first generation, the new model is a pure small car, without an optical bonds to a minivan. In addition to the shorter length of 3.88 meters now and the weight fell by about 100 kg, which is also the fuel consumption is expected to fall. The boot capacity is depending on the position of the seat backs 250-787 liters ( trunk volume, l VDA / folded-back 2nd row roof high); six airbags and ESP are standard.

For the launch Mazda initially offered only a five-door version. A three-door Mazda2 named sport followed the Geneva Motor Show and will be sold since June 2008.

Prices start at 11,950 euros ( Mazda2 Sport) and 12,650 euros ( Mazda2 ) for the basic version momentum and are thus slightly lower than those of the old generation. In addition to the base, there is also the equipment Independence and Impression.

2008 also launched a mainly intended for the Chinese market with a notchback version. This was presented at the Guangzhou Motor Show on 20 November. By extending the rear end by 37 centimeters the trunk volume increased to 450 liters. In the Saloon, the two larger gasoline engines are available and also a four- speed automatic.

Since early 2009, the Mazda2 is also available with the equipment variant " Dynamic", which will be based on "Impression " and also contains a sports appearance package.

Mazda2 Sport ( 2008-2010)

In October 2010, the Mazda2 has undergone a subtle facelift, in which the front bumper has also been redesigned.


Among the available for sale beginning and newly developed gasoline engines with 1.3 or 1.5 liter engine came out in 2008 yet added a 50 kW (68 hp) 1.4 -liter common-rail diesel engine. This was replaced by a new 66 kW (90 hp) 1.6 -liter common-rail diesel engine in June 2009. For all engines are inline four- cylinder.

Electric drive

From October 2012 the Mazda 2 ( Demio ) in Japan is the first time offered with electric drive under a lease program. The performance of the Mazda 2 EV is 75 kW (102 hp) and the range of electric cars will be 200 kilometers to the Japanese JC08 driving cycle. In space, the five-seater does not differ from the conventionally powered model.