The 1997 km ² large Millstream -Chichester National Park is located in the Pilbara region in Western Australia. It is located about 150 km south of Roebourne.

The park consists of the old Millstream Farm near the Millstream Creek, one of the few rivers in the area that do not dry out, and the Chichester Range, a rugged mountain range with many gorges and waterholes.


The area is inhabited by the Aboriginesstamm Yinjibarndi long time. Ngarrari, such as the area around the Millstream Creek is called by them, was an important cultural meeting point and meeting place. Millstream was named in 1861 by explorer Francis Thomas Gregory, who described this area as excellent grazing land. The first farm was founded four years later. In its heyday, it had an area of about 400,000 hectares and provided 55,000 sheep. Today, the 1919 farmhouse built the visitor center of the National Park. Originally, the park consists of two separate areas, which were combined in 1982.


The park can be reached via the road from Roebourne after Wittenom. There are three primitive campsites at Crossing Pool, Deep Reach Pool and on the Snake Creek. The visitor center is located in close proximity to the Millstream Creek and Fortecue River. Here are a number of groundwater- fed pools that run all year round water. They are lined with palm trees of various species and Paper Barks, a Melaleuca species. Here also thrive plant species that are more typical of the tropical north of Australia. Particularly interesting is the Millstream palm, with its grayish green leaves and the soft bark.

The park is home to various kangaroo species, mainly in the shallow areas and the red kangaroo. The black flying fox and a variety of birds species remain at near water. There 14 kinds of large and small vials were counted.