The Torndirrup National Park (English Torndirrup National Park ) is a 39 km ² national park in the south of Western Australia, Australia. He is named after a local Aboriginal group.


The park is located on the peninsula Torndirrup Peninsula, the south of the city of Albany extends into the Southern Ocean and Albany's Princess Royal Harbour and King George Sound the forms. The Torndirrup National Park extends over a length of 20 km along the south coast of the peninsula and includes the whole, over five kilometers long point.

Albany is about 15 km away.


The Torndirrup National Park is known for its rock formations along the coast. The most famous include The Gap, Natural Bridge and The Blowholes.

The peninsula consists of different rocks, the oldest are the gneisses. They were created before 1.3 to 1.6 billion years ago, when the Australian plate and the Antarctic plate isolated. Today gneiss especially in the area of The Gap is visible, easily recognized by its striped texture.

The second predominant rock in the park is granite. Especially at Stony Hill you can easily recognize it by its granular crystal structures and its characteristic weathering shape the Wollsackverwitterung, which presents itself in round rock forms. This granite was significantly later than the gneisses, as magma through the ancient rocks rose up and slowly solidified at a depth of 20 km. This plutonic rock was visible through the raising of the Australian continent and the concomitant erosion of the earth's surface in its present form.

Flora and Fauna

" Western Australian Peppermint " ( Agonis flexuosa ) growing on sand hills in Torndirrup National Park. There are karri forest (Eucalyptus diversicolor ) south of Vancouver Peninsula, which the Princess Royal Harbour is separated from King George Sound. Similarly, one banksia species and the rare " Albany Wollybush " takes place within the National Park.

The varied flora is home to a variety of animal species, including Bilchbeutler, kangaroo, short bandicoot species and the bush rat (Rattus fuscipes ). At reptilian species of the spotted python, the Bardick occur ( Echiopsis curta ), Tiger otters and brown snakes species. Along the cliffs one can often discover whale species, and in the winter visit Robben types of the Coast.