Walyunga National Park

The Waychinicup National Park (English Waychinicup National Park ) is a 40 km ² national park located in southwestern Western Australia, Australia.

Location and landscape

The park is located about 400 km south of Perth and 60 km east of Albany. From here you first get to the park on the South Coast Highway, then a gravel road, which is often impassable by bad weather. It includes both the estuary of the River Waychinicup in the Southern Ocean as well as a series of granite rocks, the east direction Cheyne Beach extend.

Flora and Fauna

The park is a refuge for a number of rare and unusual species. How about Quendas, the days of frequently residing along the roads and paths, and the Western Ringtail Possum in the vicinity of Mount Gardner with his basketball large nests of small twigs. Very much more difficult to observe are the last wild populations of Quokka, which normally move hidden in the dense Gestrüb.

Thanks to a resettlement program from the year 1983, the number of noise thicket birds grew up in the mountainous region of Mount Many Peaks Nature Reserve, in the immediate vicinity of the Waychinicup National Park, zoom to the largest single population. In the low heathlands is another endangered species, the Western Ground Parrot ( Pezoporus wallicus flaviventris ), native. In the transition region from bush to Heathland the more common Western Whipbird and Western Bristlebird can be observed.